Art Matters Grant Recipient

Well this is exciting!! This year I was chosen to be an Art Matters grant recipient. I used writing the grant as an opportunity to hopefully acquire needed studio equipment. While I don’t know much about their process for choosing recipients, I do know that the board was unanimous in choosing me. What an honor! Even more exciting is that earlier this week, the plotter I needed for my work arrived. The quilted backgrounds that I design for most of my work is printed using an archival ink, large format printer. It takes a good hour to print each sheet, and no printer in town would do it for me because I wanted to print on my own paper. My friends, Keith and Chandra, of L9 Arts, were gracious enough to allow me to print in their studio when I needed to. They are busy and accomplished photographers, and I knew every time they let me print, meant time that they weren’t printing or working, and I would be over there sometimes all all all day. I am over the moon to have my own large format printer to experiment with. Thank you so much Art Matters.