New Work

As most of you know, I make large, narrative prints that address how stereotypes are negatively effecting people of color.

I’m making a little time to tangent for a hot minute on two new series. The first short series I’m tackling is work that addresses the exoticizing of women of color. In this series, I exaggerate the features that are most exoticized (besides obviously our skin color). Human hair that grows out of our head that somehow makes us exotic, therefore different in a way that’s unrelatable…which is absurd. In this series I’ll address hair as an exotic feature, our skin tones being described in food terms, and this notion that because of the color of our skin we are somehow more connected to the earth.

In another series, I’ll be addressing violence in the New Orleans community. If you think Chicago has had a bad year as far as murder in the city, per capita, New Orleans is worse…much worse. It bothers me. It bothers a lot of people. I’m fearful in this city, not kidding. The news tries very hard to make the violence seem that it relates to something else, like drugs or gangs, but more of it than is being said is random. People caught in the crossfire. Mistaken identity. Muggings “gone wrong”. It breaks my heart. This latest series isn’t about the fear of being caught up in the violence of the city, it represents loss. It’s just one way that one artist is trying to address the violence in New Orleans.