The Promise of the Rainbow Never Came is a series in which I suppose the origin of eels, which are disliked in Western society, are black persons thrown overboard during the Middle Passage. The number of slaves thrown overboard is often disputed, but some estimates are as high as 2 million people. People were thrown overboard for a variety of reasons, but all persons were stolen from their home and forced across water on a hard journey to begin an even harder life once reaching the Americas. I’m drawing the line between being treated like a person and being treated and thought of as an animal or sub-human. Even though the figures here are turned into eels, I’m calling back to people being referred to outside of the human race (such as ‘coon, gorilla, bear, etc) and their treatment thus. The history of being treated as less than human can be seen as far back as African enslavement by the Europeans and Americans, and I believe is in place today.