Depose and Dispose (of) Statement

Depose and Dispose (of) is a series which seeks to engage the viewer in the collective consciousness of being addressed as an animal, and how that strips a person of their humanity and rights of personhood. The correlation of language, perception, and action is strong. In a society that routinely refers to people of color as gorillas, coons, bears, etc., there exists a strong connection between being referred to as an animal, being perceived as an animal, and being treated like one. This series features anthropomorphic figures posing passively amongst camouflage patterned flora (camouflage representing a violent death), and other objects symbolizing otherness and exoticism. The figures are thus portrayed simultaneously as part human and part animal resulting in their perception as not fully human, or sub-human, and so can expect to face the violent consequences of that assumption. The perception of people of color as not fully human is written into the eugenics-inflected history of people of color within the Western framework thus justifying their enslavement; their segregation from society; their mistreatment under Jim Crow; and now the systemic brutality they face by police and the justice system.